Friday, June 22, 2012

Losing My Opinion

Sometimes, having and expressing your own opinion is like setting a trap for yourself. This has been happening to me a lot lately. The office is one prime example, when you try to get an opinion out and everyone else pounces on it. The first few times, you try to struggle and assert yourself. You defend your opinions, point out that it is borne out of a personal right and it may or may not be taken by others as their own. Then it happens again, and again, and again until you find yourself worn down and tired and wondering if it was worth opening your mouth for. It has now come to a point that I hesitate putting stuff out there. There's nothing to it, actually. Whatever gains you manage from being your own person and sharing your individuality, you lose a lot more of your energy asserting and defending it. An easy choice. Transforming myself into a zombie. And then I remembered this blog... Why yes! I still do have one, don't I? An avenue where I have always spat out the most trivial of thoughts of mine. And almost no one could complain! How long has it been since I've typed 2 sentences on this blog? While the real world me has lost his cojones, content to nod in agreement to almost anything - the path of least resistance, virtual writer me can spew out whatever nonsense I could muster and not have to give a rat's ass about whatever people think! Must be one of the reasons I loved writing in the first place. I missed this blog! :)